The Company

About Us

Crescendo Music was founded in 2008 and is built upon the solid foundation of over 65 years collective experience in the music industry, blended with the backing, business knowledge and operational support of Teleos Systems, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of veterinary practice management systems. Crescendo boasts experience and expertise in all areas of royalty distribution and collection on behalf of both performers and record companies.

Why Use Crescendo?

Our expertise in the arena of airplay royalty collection means that we are able to maximise a performer or record companies’ airplay royalty revenue. To date, the smallest return we have delivered is an increase of 15% in net revenue for one performer.

On average our clients have more than doubled the revenue they have received as a result of appointing Crescendo as their representative with some enjoying in excess of a ten fold increase.

Our Services

Record Companies – Collection, we offer a complete service of registration and collection of airplay royalties from around the world.

Performers –  Crescendo are experts in the field of registration, claims and collection of airplay royalties from all relevant territories around the world.

What are airplay royalties?

When a recording is broadcast on the radio or TV in most major territories around the world, airplay royalties are generated. In each of these territories are collection societies whose mandate is to collect licence fees from the broadcasters. Once collected, these licence fees are allocated to the recordings that have received the airplay. If you are a performer who has appeared on any of these recordings or are a record company that hold the ‘public performance and broadcast’ rights in a recording, you are entitled to receive a share of this money.